Search query builder and mapping

Hello everyone,

I inherited the mapping of a service (JAVA SPRING BOOT)with Elasticsearch and I'm going crazy for the search.

my field is so mapped:


con questo analyzer:

    "analysis": {
      "analyzer": {
        "k_analyzer": {
          "tokenizer": "standard",
          "filter": [

with innerBool.should(QueryBuilders. ........),
I can't make the exact match: if I have energy and green energy
if I search for "energy" both come up, how can I map my field in such a way that if I search for "eng" both come up and if I search for "energy" only energy comes out?


Without much details of the purpose I might suggest the wildcard query.
Do you use this partial search to perform the autocomplete? In that case there are other options.

I tried with the wildcard *energy*

but so I get 2 records, energy and blue energy, I want that if I write energy, only energy comes out.
I can't find a valid option, do you know any?

Try this:

POST your_index/_doc
{"organizationNames":"green energy"}

POST your_index/_doc

GET your_index/_search
  "query": {
    "wildcard": {
      "organizationNames.keyword": {
        "value": "ener*"

Keep in mind that wildcards can experience performance degradations.

Avoid beginning patterns with * or ?. This can increase the iterations needed to find matching terms and slow search performance.

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