Search query issues in Kibana

I have the following log message in Kibana:

INFO : Sample.101-20170530.20170530-102.103.sample

When I search for numbers 102 or 103, I don't get any results, though I get results when I search either for 101 or for 20170530

What should be correct query for searching either 102 or 103 number.
Btw, when I search for 102.103 I get expected message.

It depends on the analyzer being used for your index. has more details on analyzers.

Is this data in a standardized format? If it is, I would recommend defining mappings and parsing the field out using ingest node's grok processor. It will let your searches be more specific.

Thanks. I am confused how I can change analyzer to the correct one.
The data is in standardized format but there are multiple different formats in log file, I think I cannot define the pattern for every such format.

Btw, the data is Apache log. But I am curious how I can change analyzer to be able to search for every keyword.

I just created sample log file with the following record and send it to Elasticsearch:

15:35:18,125 INFO [sample]: [sample] Sample.101-20170530.20170530-102.103.sample

In Kibana I tried to search for 101, 102 and 103 and only when searched for 101 I was able to see the record in results.

Btw, I noticed, when I double click 102 or 103 in Kibana, both numbers and dot between them are highlighted: 102.103, and I am able to search for 102.103 and get the results record. Same for 20170530.20170530.

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