Search thread pool active and queue not full but rejected happened

i found a datanode search thread pool has rejected,but grafana monitor show that moment search threap_pool ’s active(size=49) and queue(size=2000) is not full,I can't understand why ,please help me。thanks a lot...

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What is the output from the _cluster/stats?pretty&human API?

Thank you for your reply :laughing:,i can't get the stats of that moment now and do you want current stats?which part do you need?
And i found that moment an index has both write and search tasks ,Is that a problem?

We need to see the whole thing please.

You have a pretty large cluster there!

What is the output from _cat/threadpools?v and hot threads when you get these rejections?

You should upgrade, 7.10 is relatively old and latest is 7.14.

From grafana i can see active and pool is not full but rejected happened。i'm sorry for i can‘t get hot thread info in that moment。 and is there some thing can cause this problem?

That's hard to say without more info.

OK,Thank you for your reply anyway。

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