Search-UI - How to use special Chars like german Umlaute or Whitespaces for facet names?

Hi everyone,

I have been playing with enterprise search and search UI. I use a JSON file to upload the data.

For the values, it looks fine - but for the Keys which are then converted to the names of the facets, I can't use whitespace, special chars like 'ä' etc...

That would kinda limit the use of the facets - What is the correct way to do it?

Hi John! Thanks for joining the community and for asking a great first question!

Facet names (or keys) are indeed limited in the characters that can be used: Schema API | Elastic App Search Documentation [8.1] | Elastic

The limitations include:

  • alphanumeric characters and underscores
  • cannot start with an underscore
  • cannot contain whitespace

As for rendering the "correct" keys within Search UI, customizing the code to replace the character-limited field names with their corrected counterparts is likely the best path.

Thx for the fast reply.. So we will need a config file, which is fine :slight_smile:

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