Unable to upload json fields which contains korean in its field name

Iam trying to upload the json data into app search but its giving me errors because the field names contain a few korean language fields.
Any help to resolve this would be appreciated.

Hi Subhas,

This is unfortunately a known requirement/limitation of App Search. JSON field names/keys must:

  • Contain lowercase letters, numbers, and underscores (no spaces or special characters)
  • Contain a lowercase letter
  • Not start with an underscore
  • Not be more than 64 characters long
  • Not be a reserved keyword

However, field values/content can certainly be other languages. I recommend translating your keys to alphanumeric English characters and performing a find and replace on your JSON data (or modifying your API source).

Hope that helped!

iam still not able to do it.

Lets say i have a JSON data like this:
{"데이터":"my data"}

How do i upload this?

Apologies if I wasn't clear in my response: you can't.

You can do this:

  { "data": "데이터" }

You cannot have special characters in JSON field names/keys.

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