Search values that return one ocurrency

Hi, elasticsearch has this 3 registers in one indice:

{category:2, value:0}

I wanna do a search that returns registers that only have one ocurrency (group by) and this value should be 0. In exemple above it will be register 3 {category:2,value:0}.

How To do this ?

Just to confirm, you want to show this in Kibana right?

Yes! I wanna do a search in kibana!

warkolm, is it possible?

You cant really search for "group by"/aggregations ... you'll have to create a data table visualization.
You can then order ascending by die occurrences, but you cant filter on it.

This is actually an elasticsearch limitation - you cant reduce a result set based on aggregated values.
Elasticsearch 2 should support such operations with pipeline aggregations , but not sure when Kibana will introduce support for such functions.