Search with special symbol and Suggest right value when user give wrong value

Hello ,

I am using elastic-Search in my project now i am facing some problems .

  1. How can i search data with special symbol?

For example : if we have this type of data=
name:" mohan & sohan",
address:" street no. 1 gurgaon ( haryana )"
} ,
name:" mohan/sohan",
address:" street no ~ 1 gurgaon ( haryana )"
} ,
name:" ram-sharma",
address:" street no. 1 gurgaon ( haryana )"

search with uri search api like
/index/type/_search?q=( haryana )
/index/type/_search?q=*1/2 *

for first query it gives blank result.
for second query it gives different result.
for third query it gives parsing error.

2.How can i suggest right value when user enter wrong value?

consider above data

For Example: /index/type/_search?

I have used both suggester (term, phrase) it gives different result

means if we use phrase suggester it gives these result for above query
tt gmal om , pp gmail om ,pp gmal com

and in term suggester it give these result , tt , gmail , com ,com

I need this type of suggestion

For Example: /index/type/_search? not in my database so it should suggest

Please help me .

Thank you
Tarun Tyagi