Searching across multiple ES clusters

Hello Folks,

I am evaluating the ELK stack as a replacement for an existing tool. The existing tool allows us to have multiple indexes, each living in it's own datacenter. Logs get sent to a specific index that lives in that datacenter. Upon searching, the tool allows us to search across multiple indexes, which live across multiple datacenters. This is very useful in that we don't have to ship data from one datacenter into another datacenter if we only had a single index living in a particular location.

Does anyone know if this is something I apply with the ELK stack. Particularly, I'd like to have an ES cluster in one datacenter and another ES cluster in another datacenter. Then have Kibana connect to both ES clusters and run search queries across the two. I am aware that I can technically create a single cluster, spanning across both datacenters but once again, I do not want to ship data between both datacenters.

Thanks in advance!

May be the tribe node is what you are looking for?

I think that this might do it. Will give this a test. Thanks.