Searching for event completion

I have a application which logs everytime it get a file to process with

2021-03-19 10:59:44.8386| INFO|MY App||Starting
2021-03-19 10:59:44.9177| INFO|AppSetting||Exporting to file Appsetting.txt
2021-03-19 12:28:03.3415| INFO|MY App|| Finished exporting Task!

It normally takes ~2 hrs to finish the job
in some cases, it fails and will miss the last entry namely
INFO|MY App|| Finished exporting Task!

I have all these entries in Elaticsearch in the index namely AppLogs-*

Can you suggest a way to identify the Missing Finished exporting Task after 2hrs of start of the log entry "Starting"? which I can alert?


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