Searching for reserved characters within fields


We're currently using Kibana 6.7 and one of our parsed fields is user entered queries. I am frequently searching for specific patterns, etc, within the queries and have been running into an issue with reserved characters.

Example: needed to look at all instances of the query field containing ".com". It could get all the "com" records, but wasn't seeing the ".". I tried escaping with /, but that didn't result in the character getting picked up.

As far as I can tell from reading the documentation, the escape character should work, but I am new to Kibana and not sure what I can try .

I have been using the search in the discover tab as well as trying to add via filters, but not having any success.

I found this old topic, but there was no solution there:

I wind up needing to query for reserved characters pretty frequently, so any advice is much appreciated!

You can try wrapping the string in quotes, that should help.

Sadly I can't get that to work.

I have an example where I am looking for user entered queries that contain a +.

The query field is called query, I have tried a few different things such as:


None of those options work. I can get other reserved characters (like :, for example) to work, but am specifically not getting results for +

Any suggestions?


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