Searching like using grep in Kibana

some people in our company would like to search in message field like in in (e)grep utility. Exact match.


STRING="[userID=[W192ADM-x/AM41], LC=4557-A/IL, T=78, DATE=2019-07-02 14:15:16.0]"
echo "$STRING" | egrep "=\[W192ADM-x\/A"

It matches this string:

Elasticsearch uses standard analyzer and with this analyzer they cannot find some events exactly.

POST _analyze
 "tokenizer": "standard",
 "text":      "[userID=[W192ADM-x/AM41], LC=4557-A/IL, T=78, DATE=2019-07-02 14:15:16.0]"
  1. Should I use keyword data type?
  2. Could you please help me which analyzer or data type should I choose for exact match (searching must be possible on all characters in message)?
  3. Is it good way to store message as message.for-exact-match too and apply different analyzer to this field? I don't want lose possibility of standard analyzer.

Answered in Kuery exact match.

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