Searching Logs for tags with "@" Symbol

(Jar Jarder) #1

Good day,

I am trying to search for a string that starts with the "@" symbol, but it seems that the symbol is ignored.

For example... I have the following documents with the following data:

doc1: "hello world"
doc2: "@hello world"

I want to search for "@hello", expecting only doc2 to be returned. But right now, it returns both documents, as if I searched for "hello" only.

Is there a way I can search with the "@" symbol?


(David Pilato) #2

You need to change the analyzer.
The standard analyzer is indeed removing symbols like @, . ...

(Jar Jarder) #3

Thanks @dadoonet. I tried using the whitespace analyzer, and I am able to search with the "@" symbol now.

(system) #4

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