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Hi people, i have a elk working with the logs of a samba file server
I want make graphics with unlink file but i have a lot of tmp files, i want filter this archives, i read a bit and only find placing "- " but nothing happend, i have the same result.

example of a log:
domain\admin ||hostname|domain|unlink|541b4a62.tmp

I want to show only the files actually deleted by the user

Any idea?


(Mark Walkom) #2

How do the logs show the deletion?

(Carlos Bordon) #3

hi warkom,

domain\admin ||hostname|domain|unlink|541b4a62.tmp

unlink is how show the deletion and 541b4a62.tmp is the file
otrher example of write a file would:
domain\admin ||hostname|domain|pwrite|elasticsearch.conf

i can show all of the unlink log, but i need filter the .tmp

i can do it?

king regards,

(Mark Walkom) #4

Are you breaking the log line down into parts, eg the user, host, filename etc?

(Carlos Bordon) #5

Correct, this file server is a samba, in his configuration permit me specific what want appears in the log separete with |

I can do something but i found other files, with this line i can discard tmp files:
message:unlink !syslog_message:*.tmp

but i found others temporary files of word or excel like: original.xls and the tmp file ~$original.xls

now, i need discard ~$original.xls

(Mark Walkom) #6

Are you extracting each of the sections of the log file, as separated by |, into their own fields via Logstash or something?

(Carlos Bordon) #7

the records come from the samba file server, it automatically puts them in that format to separate each field

(Mark Walkom) #8

OK, but how does the data get into Elasticsearch?

(Carlos Bordon) #9

Filebeat take the logs

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