Security_exception data/read/field_stats

Hi all,

I'm receiving this error on kibana. I didn't modify any permissions or version on elasticsearch or x-pack or kibana.
Discover: [security_exception] no permissions for indices:data/read/field_stats

Any idea why would it ask for this permission if nothing has changed ?


sorry for the very late reply. Could you provide some more information, on what Kibana/ES/x-pack versions you are using? And when exactly do you get that error? When looking at Discovery, after you have setup an index pattern?

Have this ever been working for you, or was this error right after setup?


Kibana and es 5.3.1. I get this error when I access discovery. I have indices since 3 months (so pattern is set up long before) . I haven't changed any thing to the cluster settings or right/roles etc. This was working since June, when we upgraded to 5.3.1.

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