Kibana Security Exception

(Tom Lancaster) #1

I'm running Kibana 5.0.0 from homebrew on Mac OS. I've installed x-pack for both elastic search and Kibana. I've installed the geoip plugin for elasticsearch and created a new user with all rights to a single index.

When logged in as kibana I go to Discover and see the following error at the top:

Discover: [security_exception] action [indices:data/read/msearch] is unauthorized for user [kibana]

If I log in as my new single index admin I just get the side nav and blank pages.

What have I done wrong / What do I need to do. I've tried adding a role to kibana, but that's not allowed. Is there another, more authorized user I should be logging in as?

(Jim Unger) #2

It sounds like you're trying to log in using the kibana user. This is incorrect. For more information on how to set up the user configuration for x-pack, visit here.

Instead of the kibana user, you should be using the elastic user described in that guide.

(Tom Lancaster) #3

Thank Jim - I'm in now.

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