Security for multiple users accessing the same index

We have multiple users creating indexes for very few documents. One index has one document they update daily and another has 2-3 documents indexed every two weeks. We would like to combine all these minimal-use cases into one index. These people are on the same large team so they have access to the same indexes. I don't think field-level security would work for us because we would have to specify the fields and we don't know what they'll use. Is there a way we can have the sub-teams access the same index but only have access to the fields they create?

Seems Like perhaps you are describing Document Level Security.

If you have a way to define who can access / read / write documents by type, term etc you could use that, So users with "Role A" would only see the documents they have access to by "type" (not _type which is always _doc) I mean by some pre-defined field that maps to "Role A" etc.

But perhaps I don't understand

There's only one problem with I feel like an idiot for not thinking of it. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great idea. I think that will work for us. Thank you so much.

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