Alternatives to document level security / Performance of multiples indices

I have the following scenario.

We currently use an index to audit the operations of our suppliers in our system (supplierop index).
This index is consulted internally, accessing the information of all suppliers, through Kibana.

We are analyzing the possibility of creating access to our suppliers so that each of them can access their own information (and not the info of the rest of the suppliers).

The way to achieve this is through document-level security:

But this functionality is only included in the Platinum version and we are using Open Source, so in principle it is not a possibility.

Another possibility would be to use multiple indexes, one per supplier:

and give appropriate permission to each supplier.

My question related to this ... will I have a very bad performance, when internally we consult the information of all the suppliers?

Can you think of any other alternative to address this problem?

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