Customization of Kibana per user/role

I have the following situation.
I'm indexing information related to the operations of our suppliers in our system. Each document in the index has a supplierId field, which distinguishes one supplier from another.
The idea is provide to each supplier an access to Kibana (probably with a different role for each supplier) to see their own information and some comparative information with the rest of the suppliers.
In addition, it would be desirable to configure certain graphic elements for each supplier (for example, its logo on a Canvas component).

Obviously I could define a dashboard per role but having more than 100 suppliers is a not very encouraging option especially at the maintenance level.

Do I have any way to do this?
Can I define variables at user/role level for this purpose?

I was analyzing some options from the ElasticSearch side. Eg
restrict documents that are accessed from a role:
but I understand that this limits me to make a comparison with other suppliers.

I believe your solution does indeed go through setting up "per document privileged" roles for each supplier. You could solve the need to have comparative information by having a second index (could be a transform of the first) which includes the comparable information and leaves out the sensitive information. If you use the same field names and leave the Ignore filters advanced settings off (it's the default) even filters should work fine across both indexes.

Thanks @ebalmeida!
One aditional problem with the approach of "document level security" is that this feature is only available for the Platinum License ahd we don't have that license.
Can you think of any other approach?

It would lead to a lot more management, but you could generate several different indexes on ingestion, each for a different supplier and one with the comparable information.

Another solution, which puts the burden of work on generating visualizations is creating different spaces for each supplier, each space with a similar dashboard built with visualizations that filter data to only show that which is pertaining to that particular supplier.

Both solutions are a lot of work. :man_shrugging:

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