Security index is unavailable

Hi there,
I have installed a single node node on linux (role: monitoring node) (v. 7.8.1 // elastisearch + Kibana + redis)
If in the elasticsearch.yml I give this: false
then for example a curl for health with the elastic or the kibana user works fine.
There is an active license installed.
elected-as-master has joined noids - all is well

As soon as I put this in: true
after restart troubles do start and elasticsearch tells me:
security index is unavailable
And yes: there is no such index:
green open .monitoring-es-7-2021.06.02 1a0nXAroRW-UP5AO-g_A_w 1 0 473 78 910.3kb 910.3kb
green open .triggered_watches f-bbjo5NTRu29ab2P5ZVVw 1 0 0 0 8.8kb 8.8kb
green open .monitoring-alerts-7 I_378dIqTfmTbBmvX5e5Hw 1 0 1 0 6.2kb 6.2kb
green open .watches Uv3DWVgoRJKnvMfv5jlSjg 1 0 6 12 251.2kb 251.2kb

I also miss the .kibana index (since kibana refuses to start).
Now a curl on health gives:
unable to authenticate user [elastic]
So: why this behaviour? How can I solve this situation? The security index needs to be created, but this is normally done automatically!


Did you used elasticsearch-setup-passwords? If you would use a multi node cluster, i would also highly recommend to use TLS for internode communication, I had some problems when not using it.

1 Like is only a one-node cluster.
A used the mentioned script and the results where positive - thanks!

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