Security vulnerability support in ES 6.8.8

We ship ES 6.8.8 zip (windows) and tar(non-windows) with our application. I understand that 6.8.8 has reached EOL (Elastic Product End of Life Dates | Elastic).
If any security vulnerability is reported in 6.8.8, will it be fixed in 6.8.8 or will we need to upgrade?

You will need to upgrade to the latest 6.8.x version, which currently is 6.8.16.


  1. Will security vulnerability in 6.8.16 be resolved or again will I have to move to a later version? (the EOL list mentions maintained till 8.0.0)
  2. Will I be affected by moving to 6.8.16 in the perspective of the new license change?

Released versions are never updated. Changes are always released as a new patch release.

License change applies from 7.11 onwards.

Thankyou @Christian_Dahlqvist . That helps.

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