Elastic Search Licence Upgrade In Live Production cluster

Hi ,

I have ES 5.2.2 and X-Pack 5.2.2 security with Authentication mechanism, I have to upgrade new License. In my production environment some Indexing or search are anytime in progress. So numerous request are always running on Elastic Search server send from my java application.

So Can I upgrade License anytime, Or I need to pause Indexing and Search Request to Elastic Search server from my java client(TCP).

Amit Sinha.

What do you mean by "upgrade"?

If it's just a new license with the same set of features, then you can install it at anytime, and everything will be fine.
If the license has new features, then it may be more complex, depending on which license type you'r going from / to.

My Licence Is going to expire, so I have to install new Licence. I am planning for same Licence(Platinum).

Thank you for your response, I agree as I have practically experience this, but still wanted confirmation from ES team.

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