Upgrading Elasticsearch 6.2 to 6.8


We have 6.2.4 cluster with GOLD licence and i want to upgrade it to 6.8. Since versions 6.3 and later, X-Pack is included with the default distributions of Elastic Stack, with all free features enabled by default. So that means if i upgrade cluster to 6.8 it will upgrade with BASIC licence or upgrade with my existing GOLD licence? Should i need to be re active my GOLD licence after the upgrade?

It should keep the same license level after the upgrade. The gold license comes with support, and it's normally a good idea to get in touch with your support engineer before doing an upgrade. They'll be able to answer questions like this and also make sure that the cluster is otherwise ready to upgrade and to help troubleshoot if needed during the process.

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Thanks @DavidTurner

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