How to upgrade elasticsearch version 5.6.2 to 6.8 without use of X-PACK?

I want to upgrade my elasticsearch from version 5.6.2 to 6.8, but I don't want to use X-PACK.
So how I can migrate all indices version 5.6.2 to 6.8?

The upgrade process is the same for any version of Elasticsearch. If you want to stick to the open source release then just pick the relevant -oss package.

Can you share why? The Basic level has a heap of free functionality.

Yes, I am using elasticsearch-oss (6.8).
Do I need to install X-PACK in kibana and elasticsearch both? or Is it good with only kibana and I can migrate those indices?

If you want to use any of the X-Pack features you need to install the default distribution of both Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Elasticsearch default with X-PACK in which X-PACK contains the elasticsearch license, it doesn't contain apache2.0 license.

Correct, the default distribution contain elements licensed under a non-Apache 2.0 license. This is required in order to use any of the X-Pack features. If you have a policy to only use Apache 2.0 licensed code you need to use the OSS distribution.

Exactly, I am using elasticsearch-oss (6.8) that's why I want suggestion for index migration without use of X-PACK.
So please suggest me good way for migration if any.
I know it can be possible manually to rewrite mappings and dump docs in new elasticsearch but it will take too much time for me, because I've big number of indices in my elasticsearch(5.6.2).

As far as I am aware there is no automatic migration tool. X-Pack contains an upgrade assistant, but you can probably not use that as I believe it requires the default distribution.

@warkolm and @Christian_Dahlqvist Thank you so much for your suggestions and your precious time.

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