Securt in kibana


I am trying to setup the basic authentication in kibana but it seems that something is wrong.

More specifically, I have six elasticsearch notes and the version of the elastic is the 7.2

Following the recommended configuration I performed the below steps on each note :

  1. I have been added the bellow lines to the elasticSearch.yml true true
  2. I run the command bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive and I set the same passwords in all notes.

Then I tried to access the elasticsearch notes in the port :9200 and the authentication popup displayed. I insert the elastic username and password that are inserted in the above-mentioned steps but I cannot log in.

Is there something that is not correct in the procedure that I followed?
Could you please help me?

Best regards,

Καλημέρα Ανδρέα,

In order to setup your elasticsearch cluster for security ( so that you can then enforce authenticated access to kibana) you should follow the steps outlined in

Start from there and once you have followed all relevant steps, we'd be happy to assist further if you have specific issues.

As you will see in the docs above, this is not enough. You can't just configure elasticsearch for TLS without actually specifying the keys and certificates to be used.

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