I try to extract some datas with SQL request in canvas but I don't find the way to do it with sql restriction essql has (and my poor experience on it).
Here an example of data I have (each row is a document):
contener object
contener1 vase_1
contener1 vase_2
contener1 thing_2
contener1 thing_3
contener2 vase_2
contener2 vase_3
contener2 vase_4
contener2 thing_1
contener2 thing_3

I want the "biggest" object for each contener:
contener1 thing_3
contener2 vase_4
contener2 thing_3

The first thing I tryed is to list objects with the biggest number (vase_4 and thing_3) and then show on wich contener they are.
I can individually find the biggest object for each object name but I can't take them in a list and do a SELECT IN to have the final result.

Anyone know how to do that?

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