Select several distinct fields

Hello guys.

I'm looking forward using kibana and wonder how can I express in kibana aggregation following SQL pseudocode

FROM storage
WHERE level = 'Error'

I have one field named id and another named version. I'd like to display somehow all id-versions pairs for events with Error level.

How can it be done?


we don't have distinct fields I think. But what your are trying to achieve seems pretty straightforward. You need to do a terms aggregation on id and version
and can then do a 'count'-metric (if you care about that value) the "where level = ...' just needs to be a filter on the filter bar. Hope this helps. Let us know if this works for you.


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Sorry, I just didn't see any way to group overm ore than one row. After you said it's possible I finally found that another split row should be added to make it work. Thank you.

Glad it worked...


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