Selective loading of visualizations on dashboard

Is it possible to program a Dashboard so that it only shows a visualization depending on a selected filter?

In my case I’m using Kibana for netflow analysis.
We have a line diagram showing the network load and a table showing the top 10 traffic users.

My third element on the dashboard is a table showing the source and target IP as well as the source and target port of every thread a specific IP is having.
This table loads just fine when an IP is added to the filter.
If there is no IP selected, the table tries to load all threads of all IP's, Elastic crashes, Kibana times out, etc.

So I want to prevent the element from loading when there is no IP filter in place.
As soon as an IP is clicked in one of the other objects, the table should be calculated, loaded and shown.

Can such a thing be done?

Unfortunately, there is no way to conditionally show visualizations on a dashboard.