Self-healing alerts in Kibana Alerts

I'm using the Index action in Kibana Alerts, and I've got a metric threshold alert.

I want to have something in the index to say when an alert is resolved - I've tried adding {{context.alertState}} to the payload but the action only triggers for "ALERT", and not for the resolution.

Is it possible to have these triggers? Do I need to build the alert in Watcher for this?

Hi @slord the ability for an alert to trigger Fired and Resolved actions was just released in 7.11.

What version are you running?

This is brand new, and I think there is a small glitch with the action on Resolved fired more than once, that bug is already addressed and should come in a patch release soon, but the Resolved action is definitely there in 7.11 , I have tested it myself.

Ooh, I'm running version 7.10 - I'll be updating tonight then!

And here is the bug and looks like it should be in 7.11.1 soon. That only applied to metrics threshold