Send data from Elastic Agents through Logstash into ElasticSearch

Hey everyone

I have some Fleet-managed Elastic Agents deployed. I would like those agents to send data into logstash for filtering / enrichment and then from logstash to Elasticsearch. I found this piece of doc: Elastic Agent to Logstash to Elasticsearch: Logstash to bridge networks | Elasticsearch Ingest Architectures [8.9] | Elastic which seems to confirm that this is a possible workflow. Indeed, having 2 flows (one through Fleet and the other one through Logstash) could be useful.
But then I found out this topic ( Elastic Agent vs Logstash/Elasticsearch output - Elastic Stack / Elastic Agent - Discuss the Elastic Stack) where they say you can do it only if you deploy Elastic Agents in standalone mode (which is NOT my case).
Can anyone help me on this ?

Fleet-managed agents support Logstash output for quite a few time (since version 8.2 or something like that...) and the discuss topic you mention is not up-to-date. You can refer to Logstash output settings | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.10] | Elastic
and in general to Beats and Elastic Agent capabilities | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.10] | Elastic for fleet/agent/beats capabilities comparison.

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