Send monitor details on TLS Uptime alert

When going to Observability > Uptime > TLS Certificates, we can see the "Monitors" from which those details were pulled.

How can we access that value when sending the alert?

Value is not found among the options on "Add rule value" when creating a rule > action

Hello @huemac, thanks for your question and interest in Uptime TLS rules.

Right now the TLS rule applies to all certificate data in the targeted indices, so if any TLS data matches the criteria specified in the rule, it will activate an alert.

If you have recommendations on how we could improve this rule, I'd encourage you to open an ER that you could track.

Hello @huemac ,

We can add the value of the monitor in the rule > action, "Add rule value"

Thank you for the suggestion, it's not possible at the moment, but it will be a good enhancement request.

So as part of tls alert expiry message, we can also add related linked monitor, i think that's a useful information.


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