Sending data from old version of es(7.17) to newest version(8.1.1)

Hi all

We have a elastic cluster 8.1.1 with 4 nodes, everything working fine. But we also have a single node 7.17. Some .net applications can only send data to 7.17 becasue of plugin compability issues( I've tried but no success).

So we want to deal only one interface of kibana and manage only one cluster I want to schedule to transfer newly data from 7.17 to 8.1.1. cluster. But the logstash Elasticsearch input plugin has no tracking configuration option and so logstash everytime will try to send all the docs. or I've missed something, any idea?


That is the limitation with that input, yes.

The other option would be to have a custom script that you ran. Or do a remote reindex into the 8.X cluster, using a timestamp of some sort.

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