Sending json data into elasticsearch using filebeat and logstash

I have a utility written in C#/Ado.Net that produces a text file in the following (json) format:

[{"Description":"Import AgoraOrder - APAC","NextStartTime":"2019-01-08T15:05:00","LastRunTime":"2019-01-07T15:05:26.78","JobRanToday0":-1,"fStatusTypeId":3,"LastUpdateTime":"2019-01-07T15:05:26.777"},{"Description":"Toolbox to NBF Stop","NextStartTime":"2019-01-08T23:45:00","LastRunTime":"2019-01-07T23:45:16.153","JobRanToday0":-1,"fStatusTypeId":null,"LastUpdateTime":null}]

The text file is overwritten many times during the day, so I need to automate the process of sending the data to elasticsearch via filebeat and logstash.

What is the proper configuration for filebeat and logstash that will enable this:
- filebeat.yml and the logstash pipeline

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