Sending logs from splunk forward to logstash

Hi team,
we are trying to send data from splunk to logstash and kibana . we are getting data but data is not in proper format.

We have tested below codec but now luck. Every time data changing but no original data is coming.

codec => plain { charset => "UTF-8" }
codec => plain { charset => "ASCII-8BIT" }
codec => plain { charset => "ISO-8859-1" }

See what we received in kibana:

Qk\����6�B����	��/��V���v�}�J�]�5y�@M���6�&������R�V .1��g��U��.O��������������kjny���b�� �x�r�]@6F�%dbo[aMh�������r�����\d�����K��*���<��m�:�g=P(����7kG��g�J�?~t0�SwX%����0��|dx�^��v,�L�{�Yx4����48E���;L=Y��U���PKe	

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