Serial Diff in Visual Builder

(Tatiana) #1

There are constantly increasing numerical data. To monitor need to get the difference between the two events. For this is used serial diff.
When I draw a graph in a widget, it turns out the jumps on the graph in the positive and negative direction (this happens when I restart the logstash and the data for some time ceases to flow into elastic). Histogram builds on @timestamp
How to fix these jumps on the chart? They incorrectly display statistics.

(kulkarni) #2

@simianhacker - is this possible, any help here ?


(Chris Cowan) #3

@1862347ba9566e72a47d How does it look when you use "derivative" instead of "serial diff", probably the same when you use a lag of 1. Are you only concerned about the negative spikes? or are the positive spikes an issue too? I would think that the positive spikes are happening because they are real and the negatives are only on the counter reset.

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