Service Elasticsearch failed


Hi want to create a Graylog server. He had an error due to elasticsearch so I removed elasticsearch and then install again. The problem is that elasticsearch.service failed after a few seconds when I start it. I wanted to fix the problem with others topics but I didn't suceed.
Can someone help me please?

have you tried asking in the graylog community? Maybe there are some weird dependencies that graylog needs to successfully start elasticsearch.

Did you install the same version that was s as ready installed?

Hello, I looked in the graylog forum but didn't succed to solve the problem, and graylog is running, so I think that the problem came from elasticsearch

Hello, thank you for the awnser,
no, in one of the graylog forum I learned that, apparently, elasticsearch-oss is better that elastcisearch si I remove elastcisearch to install elasticsearch-oss

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