Service needed: looking for the elasticsearch expert


Once I've created several posts in this user group regarding our cluster.
11 nodes of m3.2xlarge (8 CPU, 30Gb mem, SSD, 1Tb hard drive).

The cluster consists from 1 big index ~1.5Tb and several small ones (each
day 50Gb) which are populating from the logstash.

Currently we're unsatisfied with the performance speed and, in particular,
with the speed how the aggregation queries are done with the help of Kibana.
Even more - when we do some Kibana query, the indexing could stuck.

We want to hire some experience elasticsearch expert, who has experience
working with the clusters like ours, configuring it, so he would analyse
our cluster, tweak and configure it additionally.
The main goal is to have a solid cluster which can hold the indexing
throughput as well as available to execute the queries with the good speed.

If you're interesting and think you can provide us the service - please
contact me .
In the mail - state your experience and how much does your service cost.


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