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I have read every forum and posts on elastic to set multiple like
- /mnt/elasticsearch_1
- /mnt/elasticsearch_2
- /mnt/elasticsearch_3

but i got an error after i restart elasticsearch to take effect. Can anyone help me how to set multiple path for data and log...

(David Pilato) #2

Hard to tell without knowing the error.

(andy_zhou) #3

try as /mnt/elasticsearch_1,/mnt/elasticsearch_2,/mnt/elasticsearch_3

(amin) #4

sry for late reply, I was sick
in elasticsearch.yml
- /somewhere/elasticsearch_1
- /somewhere/elasticsearch_2
- /somewhere/elasticsearch_3

caused by: whille scanning for the next token
found character '\t(TAB)' that cannot start any token.(Do not use \t(TAB) for indentation)

(David Pilato) #5

Please format your code with the code format icon or share the file on

I feel like you are using tabs instead of spaces here

(amin) #6

You are right. I did copy and paste but i don't know what happened.
I copy-pasted from elastic website and it solved . so you are right. Thank you.

(amin) #7

It didn't work for me...thank u

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