Set processor in NEST


I'm using ES 5.1.2 and NEST 5.x, I'm trying add an ingest pipeline similar to the example given below.

In my implementation I have a Base64DocumentContent field which has the base64 string. I want the extracted "attachment.content" to be copied to "Content" field.

I have the following NEST query

_elasticClient.PutPipeline(_documentAttachmentPipeline, p => p
				  .Description("Document attachment pipeline")
				  .Processors(pr => pr
					  .Attachment<T>(doc => doc
						  .Field(f => f.Base64DocumentContent))
					  .Set<T>(set => set
						  .Field(f => f.Content).Value("attachment.content"))));

Instead of setting the attachment.content value it is assigning the string "attachment.content". How do I set "attachment.content" extracted value to Content field.


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