Set up ES cluster on Azure and make it remote accessible

Hi guys,

I have used ES for months and now I want try set up a cluster on my Azure account. Honestly, I didn't set up any type of cluster before, so it is a little bit hard to me. Unfortunately, I didn't find much tutorial on this topic, so I come here ask for help. BTW, is this process going to be different with EC2 or campus data center?

Another issue is that, I tried many ways to access a ES instance that I set up on Azure. It is accessible through localhost:9200, but it doesn't work with http://IP:9200. PS: I already did network.publish_host: myip, network.bind_host:[localhost, myip]


network.bind_host:[localhost, myip] this is supported only from 2.2 which is not available yet.
You can bind to a single IP only for now.

Thanks for your reply. Actually, I tried to change to the IP address, but localhost doesn't work any more.

You can try also

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