Setting Agent Binary Download in kibana.yml

Hey Everyone,

Is it possible to set the Agent Binary Download through an option in the kibana.yml?
Pretty much everything fleet related can be configured that way aside from this.

As is seen in the documentation, it is said that you can host your own EPR and Artifact Binary Download. However, only the EPR can be set by default through the configuration.


Hi @lduvnjak

Unfortunately it's not possible to configure download source currently in kibana config, I created an issue for us to track that [Fleet] Allow to configure download source through kibana config · Issue #186008 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

In the mean time if you want to automate that it can be done through Fleet APIs Fleet APIs | Fleet and Elastic Agent Guide [8.14] | Elastic

Hi @nchaulet

Thanks for confirming that and opening the issue.
We'll probably wait on the enahncement since it's not that big of a deal to have to change it manually.