Setting Up Snapshot - Repository (What to set for Path.Repo)

Hi All,

So I am currently setting up my path.repo repository to enable Snapshot onto my linux server.

I understand that I am suppose to create something new like a path.repo inside my elasticsearch.yml.

Something like:

path.repo: ["/backup/es_backup_for_snapshot"] .

Note that I am trying to setup my configuration to an existing server and not localhost.

So my question here is, this directory of "/backup/es_backup_for_snapshot",

(1) Created and named with mkdir on my linux server? Or it is created using a
(2) PUT command on say - elasticsearch head/elastic vue plugin?

Can any experts advise me which approach is correct, and if both are wrong, how should I go about setting up my path.repo.

Create the directory yourself and give it the right permissions (typically you want it to be owned by same user that runs Elasticsearch).

Hi David,

Thanks for replying, if it is not too troublesome, could you give me an example on how I can create the directory myself?

Specifically, from linux server, or via elastichead/elastic vue plugin?

As you said in your post, using mkdir.

Thats great, thank you for the input!

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