Shall we add more than 50 nested fields in single index?

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My requirement is to add 55 nested fields in a single index. but elastic recommendation is 50, If i add more than 50 nested fields means will it affect my performance?
Kindly clarify my doubt.

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Having a lot of nested fields can have a significant impact on performance, especially when modifying a document. Why do you need so many? What is the use case?

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Sorry Christian Dahlqvist for late reply. In my project i need to store array of values in 52 different fields. That's why i need that much nested fields.

Many more thanks for your hep and suggestions.

How large are the documents? How frequently are they altered or updated?

Document size will be small, but they will update very frequently.

Very frequent updates of documents with large number of nested fields of s something I believe will quickly cause you considerable performance problems. How frequent is frequent? How many documents will you be having?

Just a sanity check - there's no need to store arrays of primitive values as nested.
Arrays of objects is a different question though.

10 to 15 lakhs of documents approx per index. They will update a document at least one time per day.

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