Shard Allocation Awareness with the "coming" Azure ARM Discovery plugin


I was recently at a ops/dev elasticsearch training program. The trainer went over shard allocation awareness and mentioned something about how this feature interacts with the aws plugin. We're running in Azure, so I just looked to see about how it might interact with the azure discovery plugin. According to this, the azure discovery plugin is deprecated in 5.0, and we should use the "coming" Azure ARM Discovery Plugin instead.

Questions are:

  1. Any ETA on the Azure ARM Discovery Plugin?
  2. How will shard allocation awareness interact with the Azure ARM Discovery plugin? Will elasticsearch be able to read the azure availability set/update domain configs and allocate shards accordingly, or will we need to manually specify those configs?

Thanks in advance,

  1. sadly no.
  2. if we can do something similar to what we have for ec2, like automatically tag instances, then this would become possible to use awareness on those tags

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