Shard Configuration


i'm using ILM for managing my indexes. Currently I have set the max size for shards to 30gb til the next index is written.

Since ILM is automatically creating new Indexes with 1 shard of up to 30gb properly sized towards index size right?

Is there any advantage to adding more than 1 primary shard to an index if every index can only be 30 gb til the next shard/index is created?

Best Regards.

Hi @shinobu

Yes if you have high ingest volumes / rate and multiple data nodes setting more than 1 primary shard will parallelize this input which can allow higher ingestion throughput.

This makes most sense when you have multiple data nodes with the primary shards distributed across the nodes.

So if you set to 2 primary shards... the your index will rollover at a total of 60GB = 2 x 30GB primary shards.

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