Shard Overallocation not working

Hello everyone,
I have two master nodes and I am looking to automatically move one shard from the first node to the second node. I can not do that I allways get all the primary shards in the same node and I think this is not optimum. I want to share the shards between my two master nodes. How can do that?


Elasticsearch doesn't weigh primaries higher than replicas. They don't do much more work than replicas. There are issues with this, mostly around replication but for the most part this is fine. There isn't a thing you can do about this right now.

I think you have a misunderstanding about what master nodes are/do. Master nodes are really master-eligible. Only one node is the master at a time. That node makes all changes to the cluster state and syncs the updates out to all the other nodes.

Primary shards can be on any node that doesn't have false.