Shard rebalance after cluster restart


I'm having a problem with Elastic after a cluster restart. It moves certain shards from one node to another.

I have a 3 Nodes Elastic 5.0 cluster with enough disk space left on each node.
I've set the settings as follows

  "persistent": {
    "cluster": {
      "routing": {
        "rebalance": {
          "enable": "none"
        "allocation": {
          "allow_rebalance": "indices_all_active",
          "enable": "all"
    "indices": {
      "breaker": {
        "fielddata": {
          "limit": "40%"
        "total": {
          "limit": "70%"
      "recovery": {
        "max_bytes_per_sec": "1500mb"
    "logger": {
      "deprecation": "INFO"
  "transient": {}

Do you have any clue why Elastic is walking around its shards ?
I should add that the cluster is doing nothing when I shut it down.
Each elastic instance runs on a separate Docker container.
When the moving process finishes, the cluster is absolutely not well balanced with respect to disk space !

This moving process results on a yellow cluster status as there are multiple unassigned replicas shards.

Thanks for your help.

Any Help please ?!

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