Sharding of geo_points

Please help me,
I cannot make sharding on geo_point work.
I would like to store one value and a geo location (latitude and longitude) in a document.
I would like to populate shards (route) based on location.

Then I would like to query the the average value of the 50 closest location.

My mappings:
"mappings" : {
"DocType" : {
"_source" : { "enabled" : true },
"_all" : { "enabled" : true},
"_routing" : {
"required" : true,
"path" : "location"
"properties" : {
"location" : { "type":"geo_point", "lat_lon":true, "geohash":true, "geohash_prefix":true, "geohash_precision": "50km" },
"value" : { "type":"float" , "index":"not_analyzed" },

Settings for 10 shards and 0 replicas:
"number_of_shards" : 10,
"number_of_replicas" : 0

But all my documents with various lat and lon coordiantes are inserted into one shard.

Please help me what I have missed in the documentation.
Can I shard based on a geo-point field somehow.

The default sharding is not good for me, because the documents are scattered over the 10 shards and each node is overloaded.


When you route it needs to be on a value, it can't be on an array like that.
You could use a geohash instead.

Thanks for pointing out the direction.

Is there a small working sample available?
(Mapping and efficient location based query that uses the geohash based routing)


Nope, I haven't seen anyone do this so I'd be interested to see your outcome.