Shards failure error on search


I'm using elasticsearch 7.0.0, when on discover tab and query on an index pattern based on time period, I get x of y shards failed error. (1 on 10 shards failed). And returns no data.

All indices are green and cluster state is green. there are no unassigned indices.

How to debug this? Log doesn't have anything about this.


This sounds a lot like what I'm getting as well. I'm using ES 7.0.1 and while I get data displayed in the Discover tab, that data is only for Filebeat versions 7+. My index that has Filebeat 6.7.1 data, however, returns nothing. Regardless of whether I'm looking at 7+ data or 6.7.1 I, too, get the 1 on x shards failed but all are green. I posted a question about this yesterday, but haven't gotten an answer. The question I posed is here.

Glad it's not just me!

Just an update - my issue was resolved when I updated ES to 7.1.1. That doesn't mean that will work for you as well, but my issue cleared up after I updated.

Thanks @robscott27, I'll set the logging level to 'debug' and check what error I'll get. If still nothing comes up, I'll try an upgrade!

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