N of n shards failed error persists

The error 'n of n shards failed' is always there every time I change the the time range. It was happening in version 6.5.3, and now on 6.7.2 as well. In between I have installed Curator to remove older indices. And have tried to change the Dashboard look and feel to run less queries at the same time. But the failing of the shards still persists.

What do the Elasticsearch logs show?

It hasn't happened since that day, so the logs don't show any error.
But I think it has something to do with this:

This index has [1836] fields, which exceeds the automatic field expansion limit of 1024 and does not have [index.query.default_field] set, which may cause queries which use automatic field expansion, such as query_string, simple_query_string, and multi_match to fail if fields are not explicitly specified in the query."

I have recently updated Elastic and Kibana version to 6.7.2, but metricbeat is still 6.5.3. Could this be the reason behind failing to load data into widgets and shards fail error?

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