Shards get not distributed across the cluster

Hey guys,

i am struggeling atm with the shard allocation in my ES cluster.

The problem is that i got the index [logstash-2015.04.13] that lays on the
node "Storage1" with 12 shards. I want that the index get evenly
distributed to the 2 other "Storage"-nodes, the node with the SSDs in it
should be avoided for allocation

The settings of the index are:

settings for logstash-2015.04.13

"index" : {
"routing" : {
"allocation" : {
"include" : {
"tag" : ""
"require" : {
"tag" : ""
"exclude" : {
"tag" : "SSD"
"total_shards_per_node" : "4"

Unfortunately i get the following logs in ES:

[2015-04-20 08:01:55,070][DEBUG][cluster.routing.allocation] [SSD] [logstash-2015.04.13][4] allocated on [Node Info of Storage1], but can no longer be allocated on it, moving...
[DEBUG][cluster.routing.allocation] [SSD] [logstash-2015.04.13][4] can't move

I disabled the disk-based shard allocation to make sure that this isnt the problem.

So is there a way i can see what denies the shard allocation to the other nodes? maybe a log of the Allocation-decider i can enable?

Thanks in advance.

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